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Bespoke Seating by Finewood

Quality, bespoke
New Zealand furniture by Finewood

Crafting your design vision into the real world

Finewood is a contract furniture manufacturer based in Auckland, New Zealand.

The original Finewood company was established in 1977 and has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to bear on your project.

Whether creating a suite of bespoke furniture for a commercial endeavour, or producing a one-off piece for residential use, the same levels of skill, craftmanship, care and attention are coupled with cutting edge digital equipment to realise your design in finished form.

Digital Craftmanship

Using CAD, CNC-cutting and 3D printing for example gives you the confidence that the finished product will be accurate to your original design.


But our craftsmen, will ensure the build is solid and the finish exudes the warmth of human workmanship. Those skilled hands help realise the potential of the design

Finewood Furniture Designer
Bespoke Dining Chairs by Finewood

From design to product

You, as a designer of product or interiors, need full confidence that your design vision can be faithfully, accurately but beautifully realised as a finished product

kidnappers snug seating - by Finewood
Could you bake the perfect soufflé?

Think of it this way. You could put some flour, eggs, milk and butter in front of Gordon Ramsay and Donald Trump and even with a recipe only one of them is going to give you a perfect soufflé.

Our 45 years of history creates an enormous innate knowledge of how things should be constructed.  Our award-winning innovation culture ensures that we do not remain stuck in the history of how things used to be done and is always looking forward.

Finewood is the fusion of old-world craft with modern innovative practices. That juxtaposition brings the charm of craftsmanship into the modern world - and delivers the perfect soufflé every time.



Britomart Hotel library seating by Finewood
Finewood Bespoke Sofas


21 Honan Place

Avondale, 1026



Tel: +64 (0)21 749 633   |  +64 (0)21 972 772

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