Our people


Blair McKolskey Blair McKolskey, Director

Blair is Managing Director of Finewood and has been with Finewood since 2006. Blair has a background in finance and administration in the financial services industry where he has served as an independent director to several notable investment entities. In addition to several past community organisations, Blair also currently serves as the Chair of the Furniture Association of New Zealand (FANZ). Blair maintains day to day relationships with a number of clients while continuing Finewood's development as an industry leader.

Phone: + 64 9 828 4274
Mobile: 021 242 7689
Email: blair@finewood.co.nz

Johh Mihaljevich Johh Mihaljevich, Director and Founder

John founded Finewood in 1977 and has been at the forefront of Finewood and the industry since then. A veteran of several trade missions and a key leader in industry initiatives including the national furniture show organised by FANZ. John has helped Finewood navigate the difficult waters of the furniture industry from its humble beginnings to the current bespoke niche that Finewood occupies. John maintains a role in dealing with clients and special project/product requirements, as well as leading the technical design team.

Phone: + 64 9 828 4274
Mobile: 027 474 9269
Email: john@finewood.co.nz

Christian Fabricius Christian Fabricius, Technical Design

Christian joined Finewood in 2009 to lead the technical design team where he is focussed on the process of documenting the engineering specifications to outside creative. With a background and degree in design from the prominent Unitec program, Christian founded his own upholstery business before joining Finewood. Christian brings a rare combination of design talent with a practical experience in furniture construction.

Phone: + 64 9 828 4274
Mobile: 021 443 3317
Email: christian@finewood.co.nz

Christopher Metcalfe Christopher Metcalfe, Design Director

Chris is the latest addition to Finewood and brings a wealth of experience in design across several furniture mediums. His technical skills and practical knowledge of the New Zealand design scene make him an ideal addition to the technical excellence of the Finewood team. After graduating with a Bachelor of Product Design in 2006, Christopher started his own design business and has been honing his skills in a broad range of disciplines, all of which will be put to use as Finewood ramps up its investment in design.

Phone: + 64 9 828 4274
Mobile: 021 820 365
Email: chris@finewood.co.nz